How to Hire a Professional Tree Fellers
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How to Hire a Professional Tree Fellers

How to Hire a Professional Tree Fellers

Hiring a Tree Felling Company 


Looking to hire professional tree fellers in Johannesburg? That is a great decision, if you have trees that you need removed from your home. Tree removal is complex, and a professional is right to do the job, because doing it by yourself is complex and actually dangerous. So many things could go wrong in the process and you could get hurt or end up damaging your property.

The decision to hire tree felling service in Johannesburg who will bring in the skill, equipment and expertise to get the job done, is a great one. Here are a few tips to help you find a reliable tree felling company:

Find out if they have experience

You want to hire someone who has experience in the field, who has done projecs before yours and done it successfully.  As about their skill set, ask about their teams, how many projects they have done prior to you and what kind of training their team has done. Find out if they are willing to provide you with a certificate of insurance as well as licensing. Make sure you choose tree fellers that are not only experienced, but that have insurance and are covered, should there be damages that occur, or some sort of loss or injuries that happen on your property.

Ask for references

Before you commit to hiring a tree felling company, ask about their references, if they are willing to provide them. Any company that is roud of the work that they do will always be ready to share their list of satisfied customers. Ask for references in the past month or so, this will give an idea of the work that they have delivered recently.

Ask for a estimate

Always request for a detailed estimate when you want a service like tree removal in Johannesburg. The quote is good as you can use it to compare with the other companies, and you will know before you commit how the project is going to hit your pocket.


How will the job be done?

Find out about the approach that they are going to take to deal with issues you may be experiencing in your landscape, find out the type of equipment they will use and how long it will take for them to do the project.  Let them explain the process to you, so you nderstand what they will be doing and ask the relevant questions.

Find out how much time they will need

Some of the projects will take longer than others, so whether you want a tree removed in your landscape, or you need pruning to be done, it’s always important to find out how long the project will take. This is important as some projects may cause disruptions in your property.


What kind of crew will you be dealing with

Às a homeowner, your property is your pride and you want to make sure that you are dealing with a professional crew that will treat your property like its their own. How professional is the team that will be working on your property? Will they respect your property? Will they clean the property after completing the job? Ask all these questions before you commit, so you know what to expect.

Hope these tips will help you to choose a great tree felling company in Johannesburg and throughout South Africa.

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