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What to Do if Tree Branches are Hanging Over Your Roof?

What to Do if Tree Branches are Hanging Over Your Roof?

Are Tree Branches Hanging Over Your Property?

As a home owner, are you dealing with tree branches that are hanging on top of the roof of your house? Or, have you noticed your neighbor’s tree growing over your own house in a way that has made you feel concerned about it?

If you have, then you can’t ignore it any longer. You need to consider getting in tree fellers or tree specialists to assess the situation and get advice on how to best handle it. This is a cause for concern because sometimes the tree branches can touch the power lines which is bad and they would need to be removed completely. the hanging of trees on your roof is not something that you as a home owner should ignore, because it can cause serious damage to your home, and mess up the value of your property.

Think about this scenario for a moment. If there happens to be strong winds in your area that last for a significant amount of time, the tree branches resting on the roof of your home will be rubbing on the roof shingles, and your asphalt shingles may get damaged. This means that you will soon have to spend money to sort your roof which as you know is a very costly exercise, especially if you let this continue for any length of time.

Commonly, the leaves will dirty up not only your roof, but your property. Some will even fall in the gutters and if they are not sorted out quickly, they will definitely cause issues for your property in the long run, as the gutters will end up getting blocked.

Sometimes this may be cause by trees that are not healthy, maybe damaged or pretty much dead trees. This is definitely a tree that you shouldn’t want on your property and you need to make decisions and take the steps that are necessary to identify the issues at hand and get them sorted out. If it’s a neighbours tree that is invading your property, you need to facilitate getting it removed before it actually falls onto your proprty and cause even more damage.

Tree Felling Johannesburg is at your service for any issues concerning the trees that need to be removed, simply give us a call at 065 863 9031 / 061 465 0448.

The branches that hang on your roof need to be properly and professionally cut in order to avoid causing any damage  . . . do not try and do it yourself to try and save costs, because if you make one wrong cut, the branch could easily fall off and force you to spend heavily on roof repairs.

Tree removals and tree trimming is complex, leave it to the professionals to help you get it resolved and save yourself thounds on Rands.

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